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If it’s possible on Facebook we do it. We can show you how you can use Facebook as a tool to reach a vast network of potential users or customers. Plugins can be added to your site to form a communications channel between you and your audience.

Social Plugins

The Like button is a useful feature to have on your site for users to click and automatically share your content with their friends. When a user clicks your button, a story will feature in the news feed of their friends. It therefore is an easy and beneficial way of increasing awareness of your site.

Comment boxes allow users to have their say on any content on your site. This encourages feedback which can be very useful and, again, a story will feature in their friends news feed with a link back to your site.

A Log-in plugin on your site shows the user friends of theirs who have already liked your site and also includes a link to log-on to Facebook.

The Recommendations plugin gives a user personalised suggestions of features on your sites that they may like. It will also give preference to and highlight content that friends of the user have liked.

Page Tabs

Another effective way to generate traffic is to have a Welcome Tab on your page. Once clicked on it can show either your business profile, a picture, video or any other content. It encourages people to Like your page which will generate a story on their friend's news feeds. The tab, which would sit next your Wall and Info tabs, includes a image of your logo to boost recognition.

Social Advertising

Reach a large pool of potential customers within your target group with a simple advert to promote your Facebook page or website. You can specify the range of people you want to see your advert by age, interests or location. The advert appears on the right hand side of the page and can include a Like button.

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